who or what do you think of when watching the stars

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Darren Elliott: animated-smileys-talking-17 Jul 9, 2019 12:19:22 GMT -5
troy: No worries Darren. Were good. nerd-face_1f913 Jul 8, 2019 21:04:31 GMT -5
Darren Elliott: yes, their policy for deleted members doesn't help them or anyone much!! if I ran it I would have definitely allowed members to instantaneously bring them back and all that would be controlled in the admin area!! Jul 8, 2019 13:16:47 GMT -5
kingsak: I blame Pro Boards as other sites have akso had this happen. ??? :o Jul 7, 2019 2:43:16 GMT -5 *
Darren Elliott: I don't know who removed you 2x but all I know is "sorry I meant I was having trouble coming up with telling you the answer" Jul 6, 2019 20:39:01 GMT -5
Angie B.: Gonna take my tired self to bed early. G'night VNJTkLXEfpoqnFgPrpoA Jul 6, 2019 18:49:22 GMT -5
Angie B.: HiYa mufkXKWXcRJFTgplOjwZ Jul 6, 2019 16:13:37 GMT -5
Serge: Hello all frog%20eating%20bug Jul 6, 2019 13:56:03 GMT -5
tamu: Maybe nobody knows what happened. Pro Boards is likely to blame! At least you are back!! Bananezorro Jul 6, 2019 13:08:06 GMT -5
troy: Sorry for the fuss. I rejoined but if I get deleted again I'll want a reason! I deserve a reason for the last 2 times I was deleted! Jul 6, 2019 10:04:12 GMT -5
Darren Elliott: nope Jul 5, 2019 22:15:23 GMT -5
kingsak: Was you hacked? Jul 5, 2019 21:15:03 GMT -5
Angie B.: Troy don't be mad. Just rejoin like many others have had to do! Although an answer if known should have been given to you and other's. Jul 5, 2019 19:46:22 GMT -5
Darren Elliott: sorry I meant I was having trouble oming up with telling you the asnwer Jul 5, 2019 19:18:25 GMT -5
Troy: I ask Darren on the Pond if he figured out my login problem here. His answer "Yes....Ummmm" That's it! Some help. Thanks for nothing! BYE >:D >:D >:D Jul 5, 2019 16:34:55 GMT -5
ashley: Welcome back Tammy! mini-graphics-music-441136 Jul 4, 2019 9:53:41 GMT -5
tamu: Tammy here. Pro Boards keeps screwing with me so I re-registered as Steve suggested! Bananezorro Jul 3, 2019 17:33:33 GMT -5
kingsak: I have not deleted anyone. If Darren can't fix you will need to re-register but don't use same email as you use at Froggue's as Pro Boards will link you and that's a pain! Jul 3, 2019 15:42:11 GMT -5
Tammy: Great flight Darren! t4020 Wont let me login. VNJTkLXEfpoqnFgPrpoA Jul 2, 2019 22:11:00 GMT -5
ashley: Darren - Troy, Allen, Tammy, and Jenny are all missing from the member list! Why were they deleted? >:D Jul 2, 2019 8:30:27 GMT -5 *
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Please remember that members can't know your tone on the internet so choose your words carefully.
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